How To Be Unstoppable in Network Marketing

Before you start!

As you study every word of this article you will be amazed at what you can learn about Public Speaking as a Network Marketer even if you never performed on stage before.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get invited to speak at every global event your company is planning to organize for the coming year, and get to visit multiple amazing places all over the world? Wouldn’t this help widen your network, teach you a lot more about your company and people within it, get more sales, and most important enjoy your time and have fun for free?

Why is it so crucial?

You probably already know this; but why is mastering the skill of Public Speaking plays a major rule in shaping your future as a Network Marketer? Why is it so crucial to your success?

I can list many benefits here, but the main ones can be:

– Position yourself as a leader in your company
– Become the go to person. The expert who has the answer to every question
– Up your financial game “The guy on stage is the guy who makes the most money in the room”
– Stage time is gold time
– Build a strong team, because once you are on stage; every potential prospect wants to be in your team
– Get recognized and start speaking in your company’s international events and conventions

Are you beginning to see how mastering Public Speaking skill is plainly imperative for your success as a Network Marketer?

“Why do you try all your life to fit in; when you were born to stand out”

An imperative skill

Throughout my experience as a professional Network Marketer & Public Speaker, and prior to that as an engineer and business owner I have seen many business owners, engineers & network marketers who have every skill they need to become millionaires and leaders in their field but they are not doing it.

They are simply one presentation, just one single presentation away from taking their fortune, their career and their entire life to the next level, and yet they are not doing it.

Commonly because they have every skill they need to succeed but they are still lacking the most important one: Speaking in Public in front of coworkers, subordinates, team members or even friends.

Let me ask you a question, do you speak? Yes, I’m sure you do? OK! Congratulations you are halfway there. Now, all we need to do is to get you speaking in public! as simple as that. It’s easy, but still don’t try to do it alone, then it will become as easy as eating soup with a fork.

Speaking in public is an art. Whether the group is small or large many people find the process completely overwhelming. As Jerry Seinfeld’s famous joke goes “If you have to be in a funeral; you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy”

Funny, but not true, I totally disagree with Jerry “though I love the guy”. It’s simply not true, Public Speaking is actually much simpler than this.

What do you really need?

Yes, you do need:

1- The right training where you can learn the right Public Speaking world-class skills

2- Help and mentorship for effective and ruthless feedback which will sculpture the professional speaker out of the rookie one you are trapped in at the moment

3- Prepare & rehearse, prepare and rehearse, then prepare and rehearse

4- A strong why. A Why; strong enough to make you stand a deliver regardless of what the “little you” inside your head is rumbling with

5- The spirit to give, give, give and always give, and never ask for something in return.

What you don’t need at all?

No, you don’t need:

1- To remember all what you have to say

2- To imagine all your audiences naked in order to get rid of your fear

3- To pay a fortune to learn this skill which you were born with but got buried inside you somehow

4- To be NLP master coach, body language specialist or a master hypnotist “This one makes me smile”

5- You don’t need Power Point slides every time you deliver a presentation

This is all you really do & don’t need.

Help is available, use it!

I was in the same place where you at right now a little over a year ago and today I became an international speaker. Simply because I listened to my mentor and focused only on what I need while ditching all that I don’t need. Doing this I was able to even become an award-winning speaker, certified Public Speaking coach and mentor, and start mentoring beginner speakers myself.

If I did it, you absolutely can do it, and I will be glad to help. Start improving your public speaking and become the public speaking savvy you’ve always wished to be shorter than you ever imagined. Start now, because:

“The only time is NOW! It’s what you called Future a second ago, and what you will be calling Past a second from now.”

Your Bro- Jalal N. Zaitouni

I provide the only training in the Middle East to help public speakers explore their network marketing potential and tackle the fortune waiting for them in the industry. For both marketing beginners & professionals you will discover how mastering public speaking will elevate your business.

You will start your day as a Public Speaker or a Network Marketer and you will walk out as a NETWORK SPEAKER, ready to use your newly developed skills to take your business to the very next level.

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How The Franchise System Can Help Network Marketers

Franchise businesses base their business model success around duplication. This can be interpreted into any type of business, especially a network marketing business.

Duplication in franchise businesses helps them quickly expand by setting clear rules on how to run the business, how to market the business and how to succeed for all business owners. This is something that can be translated in to the network marketing world.

Selling franchises to buyers is very similar to network marketing. Salespeople sell their business opportunities, who market the products to their customers. For you to succeed your product can’t be the be all and end all. You need a duplication system.

The duplication system allows you to keep building a larger business without having to constantly hold your teams hand.

Your system needs to be able to let anyone, no matter how skilled in your field they are, create the same atmosphere and results as you know works well.

To do this we’re going to give you a few pointers. First off, people copy what others do, lead by example. Tell your story on how you recruited your first person or how you recruited multiple people at once. Have your new recruits sit in on one of your meetings so that they can see what you say, how you act and how they should do things. Let them experience the simple systems you use every day.

Get people started effectively, if you just leave them to it after you’ve signed them up they’re not going to know what to do or what system to follow. Hold their hand for the first week or two and let them get in to the swing of things. Get them over the line where it is harder to quit than stay in the profession. Make sure they have all the information and tools they need to succeed and do all you can to get them their first customer.

Create a culture of speed within your business. Get your team to think of your business as a fast-moving company that has tons of momentum. Advance your team quickly through the ranks and make them feel like a lot of progress is being made. You could even offer incentives, hold contests for who can reach their goals first, and recognise your team individually.

Now you know how to create that great system in your business you need to know how to sell it. Chances are you’ve been trying to sell your product and you’ve highlighted how amazing your product is. This is something everyone uses.

Instead of selling your product, market the system. Show your prospects how anyone can be successful if they can learn how to use this system.

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Leveraging Twitter With Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

Any Successful Affiliate marketer will tell you that moderation and timing is the key to optimizing your social networking. When you establish the best times and days to post, what kind of content to provide and which audience to target, you will realize the potential of social exposure. Facebook alone has over 1.5 Billion Active Users, that’s not counting Google+, Twitter and YouTube to mention but a few. And when you learn how to leverage these audiences, you will soon see your Blogs exploding with targeted, interested visitors. But it does take time.

Google Traffic is leveraged by means of WordPress Plugins, because it’s how your Blog and/or Website get recognized by All Major Search Engines. But the question is… Which Plugins are the right ones, what kind of plugins must you install and what are their purpose? As much as I would love to, I couldn’t possibly cover all this in a single Blog Post unless I want to keep writing for a couple weeks or so. WordPress and S.E.O tactics are among the absolute favorites used by All Super Affiliate Marketers, and trust me they all use Plugins to get Hundreds of Thousands of Visitors per day. But as I have mentioned before, it takes more than just Plugins. It’s all part of a Much Larger Toolbox that you must build if you’re going to make the life changing kind of money online.

Regardless of the tools you choose to use, any tool only works as good as the person using it. Successful Online Marketing all comes down to Content, Useful and Original Content is what generates the real money online.

How to Create Useful and Interesting Content

But how do you write useful and interesting content? The best word to describe that will be knowledge, which can only be obtained through personal trial and error. You need to develop your own tactics, and that can only be done by constantly testing other concepts and compiling your own collection. As an affiliate marketer, product knowledge plays an important role which is why you need to actually purchase and use the product you intent to promote. It is the only way you will inspire curiosity with your audience, and that is a great starting point to visitor sales conversion. As you progress, your knowledge will expand because you also need to engage with other professionals within your niche. Share ideas and tactics, but try to avoid sales pitches because that is not what professional engagement is about. First you must learn as much as you possibly can, and then your content will improve accordingly.

Let’s briefly take a look at the difference between a Widget and a Plugin.

What is a Widget? – A Widget is what you mostly see on a side bar and include options like social following buttons and web-forms. Favorite widgets also include the search option on your site, recent comments and recent posts. Meta tags and Archives are also widgets used by most successful affiliate marketers. Widgets acts kind of like a guide for your visitor to view the different options provided on your Website and/or Blog.

What is a Plugin? – A Plugin is mostly a tool that runs in the background that helps with things like S.E.O and faster page rank in Google. It’s also responsible for your visitor tracking and analytic results, so you can track and optimize your visitors. A Plugin is also the professional way of cloaking your affiliate links by linking them with your primary domain. So, instead of seeing an affiliate link, the Google Spider sees a Sub-Domain to your Primary Domain which is more likely to be favoured. An excellent Link Cloaking Plugin is Pretty Link Late, and not only does it cloak your link. It also provides you with analytic results so you can see all clicks and unique visitors, this way you can determine the affiliate offer most loved by your audience.

But, all this can sound pretty confusing when you just get started. You can do all this yourself or, you can let a Professional Webmaster Do It for You. This is also an excellent option, because you can have someone build your Empire for you, while you learn to do it all yourself.

Now we all know that Google and Facebook had become the two Traffic Giants followed by YouTube. And with good reason, because we’re talking Billions of Unique monthly Visitors from the Two Giants Combined. However, wouldn’t you agree that we may have been neglecting Twitter and LinkedIn just a little?

They may not be as Huge as Facebook and Google… Yet, but trust me they are working on it! The “Trick” is to link your social profiles so when you Tweet or Re-Tweet on Twitter, it then automatically shares on sites like Facebook. The same goes for LinkedIn, when you post on this social site, it too will automatically be shared.

That is why This Twitter Plugin is so Valuable, and you can see it in Action with the Tweet-able Content at the top of this Post. It’s just One of many Methods and tactics used by all Successful Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers.

You must Never be a faceless profile, or even a picture of you beloved cat. I too love my cat very much but it doesn’t change the fact that she (Bast) is Not the one Posting On My Profiles, I am. The professional way is to have a full frontal picture of yourself, kind of like a passport photo, because audiences enjoy connecting if they see a person.

Complete Your Bio, and add your projects and interests. Get your social profile as professionally complete as you possibly can because that is how you get recognized as a Professional. This also applies to your Blog, allow your audience the assurance that you’re real and offer them the solutions they are looking for.

Allow me to place exclamation on the fact that these are Tools And Training, none of these are Magic Buttons that will turn your PC into an ATM. There is nothing like that in existence, and I know because I used to be a lead contender in the race to find that illusive “Magic Button”.

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5 Top Advantages of Promotional Tents for Events

Business Can Be Taken To Different Locations

Most companies conduct business and engage with potential customers by means of showrooms. However, the problem is, traditional showrooms are rigid and inflexible. If they want to let more people from other places know about their brand, it is best to rent or purchase a marquee tent, which is available at local event companies.

All they need to do is set up the pop up tent at trade shows, community fairs, markets or wherever their customer base is located. They will have their own space and use customized branding so consumers will remember their business.

Boost Engagement Using a Standout Display

Companies can network and engage with prospects at trade events. However, it can be hard to get the people’s attention when there are lots of other businesses around. Therefore, they need to do something to let their company stand above the rest of the crowd.

They can customize their event tents with colored walls of their choice and canopies. They can also print their branding in full-color text complete with graphics. High quality tents can draw more customers and provide them with an opportunity to market their brand and products.

When businesses participate in trade events on a regular basis, a marquee event tent can help a lot.

Tents are versatile and User-Friendly

A number of the biggest companies join extravagant traveling road shows that feature modified trucks and campers. This can be cost prohibitive for a lot of businesses. On the other hand, a tent can be a versatile and cost-efficient solution that offers most of the several advantages given by a motorized showroom.

Modern tents are not only safe; they are also easy to assemble using uncomplicated tools. Basic marquee tents can be assembled by only a few skilled team members, reducing costs in the long run.

Marquee Tents are Effective for Sponsorship

One of the effective ways to develop a brand is by engaging with a community. When a business entails some sort of sponsorship, it would be a great idea to rent a marquee tent for a single event or invest in a customized one to use for a long time. This can be used in community functions, sports events and local farmer’s markets, to name a few. When businesses are active in their community, using a tent with clear, visible branding can provide people with a shaded area during events.

They can optimize their marketing by means of creative brand exposure at sponsored events.

Promotional Tents Are Cost Effective

To minimize costs while keeping their business lean and agile, companies can rent or buy a commercial/event tent from their local event tent company. A marquee tent allows them to set up wherever they are, when they are hosting an event on their property or heading out on the road.

The features of versatile marquee tents include interchangeable canopies and walls, mounting solutions for decorations and lighting plus connecting structures that can create a bigger complex of tents for projects like trade shows.

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Important Factors to Consider When Creating a Website

Purpose of Creating the Website

When a website is built with a purpose in mind, this will let businesses have clearer goals that will enable them to improve the whole planning process. Website projects have different goals including building traffic and improving communications between a brand and its target audience.

Prior to developing a website, it is crucial to know the exact purpose of the website. Businesses should also know the best way to set goals and create a website that meets this ultimate purpose. These important things to consider will help them create a focus and support the whole project.

Web Design and Layout

The way a website is designed, in terms of UI and UX, psychologically affects the way people respond. There is nothing better than a remarkable online user experience. When a website is being developed, one vital factor to keep in mind is creating an appealing design. Clean, quality designs allow viewers to focus on valuable content displayed and the brand’s essence.


It is very important to understand the typography fundamentals for a website. Texts that are extremely big or small can have an effect on the viewers’ response to them. Fonts should be given close attention, choosing one that directly draws the target audience without compromise to the brand’s purpose.


A lot of websites fall prey to hackers either because of ignorance or poor maintenance. Any website can become a victim of several threats including malware and viruses, among others, particularly due to the latest advancements in technology and constant updates that make websites open to many, different risks.

Performance and Speed

Even if websites have great content, visitors can be discouraged when they are slow due to functionality errors. An optimized website that functions fast can benefit from the following: increase in returning visitors/customers, higher search result ranking (that has an effect on traffic) plus efficient mobile performance. These should always be considered before building a website to make sure of an overall effective performance.

Target Market

It is also important for businesses to know their target market and customers’ requirements to build a website that addresses their needs. For instance, a website designed for fashion enthusiasts is far more different than a site built for engineering professionals. A clear understanding of the market specifications will give a clearer picture of the web design, colors, style theme, layout, call to action and content strategy.

SEO and Important Plugins

SEO is among the most important aspects of a website. Even with great content and other smooth functionalities, everything will be pointless if SEO is not given importance. Creating a website that has a clean SEO code will make it easier to be visible to the target audience.

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6 Elements of Web Design That Are Crucial to Success

1.Call to Action (CTA)

Customers get encouraged to engage with a business when there are calls to action (CTAs) on its website. For instance, words like “Contact us today” shows that a business wants to build a relationship with its customers. However, businesses should make sure that CTAs are relevant to a visitor’s level of engagement with the company.

When visitors are only starting to learn more about a brand, the company can ask them to subscribe to its email newsletter. On the other hand, loyal customers will probably like to join a brand’s loyalty rewards program. No matter what companies want visitors to do at their site, they should add a call to action on all their web pages.

2.Short Loading Time

Whenever people search information on the web, they like the loading time to be as quick as possible. Otherwise, they will leave the website at once. Testing their website beforehand will allow them to determine loading time problems, which can be addressed in time for the site’s release.

Providing customers with a great user experience will increase customer retention so it is best to evaluate a site’s loading time the moment it has launched. With short loading times, customers get the information they need when they need it. When a website fails to deliver, it will be left behind by competition.

3.Active Blog

An active blog enables customers to remain updated on the company’s events, most recent products and other industry-related info. It is an effective way to stay connected with them, particularly if the things that companies post encourage viewers to engage with their brand.

Updating their blog on a regular basis lets customers know more about their brand’s values and willingness to encourage communication. When they deliver fresh, relevant, engaging content to users, their brand becomes recognized, which makes them an authority in the industry.

4.Clean, SEO-Friendly Code

It is crucial for companies to have a clean, SEO-friendly code when they are creating new web pages or optimizing those that already exist. Improving a site’s code can boost the overall ROI (return on investment).An SEO-friendly code give a clean picture of a site’s content to guide search engine spiders.

WordPress and other CMS services offer plug-ins that can make the process of boosting search engine rankings and cleaning up code easier. Since WordPress does not require much knowledge on coding, it is a viable solution for companies that struggle to drive traffic to their sites.

5.Compatibility with Different Browsers

With the progress of technology comes the steady growth of internet browsers. It can be challenging to keep up with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, to name a few. In designing a website, it is a must to make sure that a website can be reached from different browsers.

A site should register well on the major browsers as well as the older versions. Ignoring this important step may disregard a big percentage of a company’s customer base. It can bring about unnecessary expenses to a developing business.


When customers find it hard to navigate a website, they will leave and move on to other sites. To make navigation more appealing and efficient, businesses should review their site and look at it in the eyes of a new visitor. They should only choose sensible navigation streams.

Including a site map is an effective way to allow visitors to navigate more easily and search engines to crawl a site. In addition, streamlining navigation by removing pages that are not needed or do not perform can reduce load time, which in turn improves the quality of a brand’s online presence.

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Should You Go for Mobile Sites or Responsive Sites

According to statistics, using mobile devices to conduct searches online has considerably grown in the last two years. As a matter of fact, about 95% of mobile device users depend on their gadgets to look for local products and/or services. For this reason, businesses have to make sure that their websites register well on all kinds of devices to reach this increasing number of mobile users.

It is but wise for large companies with web presence to create a mobile-friendly website that can be clearly viewed from any device. So, when businesses plan to launch a new website, it is best to choose a responsive web design that is able to adapt to any mobile device.

Incorporated with Social Media

Nowadays, websites are required to be integrated with social media. Due to the latest technology, sharing information is now more convenient therefore; businesses that do not incorporate social media fail to benefit from the so-called modern day word-of-mouth marketing.

Social media paves a way for customers to promote a business’ brand, give reviews and be updated about the latest news on the company. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest make it easy for businesses to distribute their written and visual content like product images and brand videos.

Captcha Tests

Businesses that do not have ready captcha tests receive nothing but spam in their contact forms, website forms and comment sections. Such tests that come in the form of random letters and numbers typed before submission of a web-based form, spell the difference between humans and robots.

Including these short captcha tests in their contact forms will make sure that humans alone are able to utilize their site’s resources, which let them save both time and costs.

Efficient Security

As technology evolves, the latest, more advanced security risks have greater chances of compromising a website’s reputation. These include malware, viruses, malicious apps as well as the dangers posed by hackers. Websites have to prevent security breaches on the front and back ends.

Ecommerce sites and other websites designed to conduct online transactions require extra security measures to secure customer personal details. To reduce the possibility of browser-based risks, businesses should include SSL certificates in their websites.

While this is being developed, it is crucial to go over the security features added to the website’s framework and design. It is important, as well, to conduct security checks on a regular basis or else, hire the services of a provider for the job.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials, just like offsite reviews, can be used to promote businesses. Including customer testimonials on a site will reveal more about a company’s products, services and customer commitment.

When companies have an existing loyal customer base, they can solicit some online reviews. In case these customers provide their recorded testimonials, this is the right time to make branded videos. The more sincere and detailed testimonials provide more chances of drawing new customers.

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Better Academic Outcomes In Small Schools

Small schools have great variety. We learned that we don’t need standardized schools — that kills the soul! In Chicago we saw fabulous small schools that were Afro-centric, schools that focused on phonics, fabulous small schools about whole language, small schools that are using the city as a place to investigate. Why? Because they were small, they were focused and they beat the odds on academic outcomes. Small schools are the single most powerful intervention that we can imagine for young people. And the evidence at high schools was even more powerful, as you’ll see in our report.

Learning Lessons

There are now data from 25 years on big mistakes we make when we’re reforming high schools. The data reveal these myths:

• Myth One: You can reform schools incrementally. Forget it. You never get to where you thought you were going. Despite your anxiety, work the hard issues up front; you cannot work your way into them. You cut too many deals if you ease off and make everybody happy in the beginning. And I see a lot of people doing that. I’ve seen too many schools start out saying we’re going to break big schools into small schools. They keep almost everything the same. And within three years, they end up with a couple of interdisciplinary classes. The bottom of the school — where failure is more evident — is never touched.
• Myth Two: You can keep the same infrastructure. We’re still going to have the principal, the 16 vice principals, all those deans for discipline, the boys’ deans and the girls’ deans. And department heads and counselors that are organized by an alphabet, and then classroom teachers, who are doing the real work. And what we’re going to do now, maybe, is take the department heads and make them the heads of the small schools. Forget it. This is a time for serious conversation. Where I’ve seen it done well, like in New York City, labor unions have been fabulously supportive. Yet, I keep hearing from management how labor won’t go for it, so they’re not willing to push the limits. You can’t keep the same infrastructure.
• Myth Three: You need a separate ninth grade. One lesson is don’t do a ninth grade school – a kind of vertical, horizontal thing. You just create another threshold, and then the students drop out after ninth grade. If you’re going to build a community, it’s nine-12. And you know what, the seniors do not molest the ninth graders. They help them!
• Myth Four: Veteran teachers are cynical. “Old” teachers can’t and won’t do what’s necessary, and their experience equals burnout. We have seen the limit of treating experienced teachers like they are dead wood. A bunch of schools in New York decided to hire young, excited, amazing young people from Brown and Wesleyan. And they’re all really, really smart. But it would have been nice to have some teachers who know something.
• Myth Five: Standards and standardization are the same. Standards are not the same as standardization. Small schools, by their nature, are very interested in being held accountable — which is one of the remarkable things about small schools. The parking lots aren’t empty at 2:00 p.m. Teachers hold each other accountable; they hold the students accountable; parents hold the teachers accountable; and everybody holds the parents accountable. Kids hold themselves accountable. Standards are not the same as being the same.
• Myth Six: Professional development has to happen from the outside. Teachers have an incredible amount of knowledge, if given the space to say what 20 years inside dysfunctional institutions has done to them. A relation between inside and outside expertise is fragile — and powerful.
• Myth Seven: Tokenism will solve the problem. Two more black faces in an AP class just doesn’t do it for me. You can’t just play with the top and color-coat. You’ve got to take on the whole thing. Whole-school reform is the point.
• Myth Eight: One of my worst nightmares is when people turn small schools into tracks. There was a school somewhere in America, where administrators decided that they’d have five small schools inside one previous big-school building. So one school was going to be the Special Ed school; one was going to be the Chapter One school; one was going to be the pregnant and parenting school; and one was going to be the language school, for the Latino kids. And then, one school was going to be the humanities school, to attract the middle-class white kids back to the school. That’s not what anybody ever meant by small schools. That is a fundamental distortion. Small schools are heterogeneous, and commit to figuring out how to bring the genius out in everyone.
• Myth Nine: The illusion that accountability means rules and surveillance of teachers and students. That is not accountability, that is oppression. Accountability comes from relationships and responsibility. That’s what small schools produce. You can’t hide. It’s a group of committed folks.

Accountability requires autonomy. A big mistake is not giving small schools the autonomy that they need to do the work that they need to do. Small school teachers, and parents, and community members are willing to be held accountable. But the only way they can be held accountable is if you give them the autonomy to develop the curriculum, to organize their time, to figure out their assessment system and the ways that they would measure student progress. We could always close down small schools if they don’t work. However, we don’t close down big high schools when they don’t work. Close small schools down if they don’t work, but first, give them time. Let them grow. Don’t make autonomy a gift that some schools can earn. That’s a setup. Make autonomy a beginning condition. Then put people under the light of surveillance if they screw it up. What we do now is put everybody under the light of surveillance, and it chokes them.

What’s Needed Now?

First, I’m very taken by this “metropolitanization” analysis. It’s a good idea, and very useful to document the space of injustice between what’s happening in urban areas and what’s happening just on the other side of the border. In education, we could easily do that. We could track who’s in Special Ed; who’s getting college-eligible courses; who’s in AP classes; what are the post-graduate outcomes; how much teachers get paid; what are the drop-out rates across our cities; and where are the certified teachers. And we could document pretty easily the redlining of public education.

Second, we need a theory of change. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine where we need to go. That’s not the mystery. How to get there is not so clear; and how to get there systemically is less clear. I’m tired of hearing small schools is not a systemic strategy. It could be a systemic strategy if districts figured out how to learn from small schools rather than crush them. So we need a joint strategy of internal-to-districts work, and external advocacy. There are teachers who are quitting because they won’t teach English only. There are teachers who are refusing to place kids in a bottom track. There are parents who are creating freedom schools in the South, and some of that is getting called home schooling. And not all of those people are our enemies. They are asking for inside help and external push. We need the combination of pilots and protests. We need the melding of internal reform and sit-ins. We need to be working both sides. This is what I mean by the politics of urgency.

Third, we need to offer support for teachers and parents and places not yet engaged in reform. Too many of our friends are teaching and working and committed to schools that haven’t yet done the work. What we can’t do is only go to the places where there’s sufficient energy for change or we will lose some of our most dedicated buddies and friends. I know many of us have committed to staying in places that are not “there” yet, and you’re doing God’s work. Thank you all.

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